• JIMS: Jurnal Ilmiah Mahasiswa

    Issues of management, economics, and business have become a hot topic to be discussed and deliberated in this ever changing business world. Therefore, we need a vehicle to accommodate such issues.  Based on this background, JAMEB was established to be a forum for discussion of high impact research covering multiple areas in economics, business, and social sciences.  This journal is open for academicians, case writers, practitioners, independent researchers, and other stakeholders. The journal covers a wide range of areas in business, social and behavioral sciences. It considers articles written in all areas of business, arts, humanities, behavioral sciences in emerging economies including but not limited to management sciences, psychology, sociology, media studies, linguistics, literature, history. The journal also covers entrepreneurship, marketing, strategic management, organizational behavior, international business, and ethics.

  • Jurnal Aplikasi Manajemen, Ekonomi dan Bisnis

    Jurnal Aplikasi Manajemen, Ekonomi dan Business (P-ISSN2541-1438) (E-ISSN2550-0783) is a reviewed journal published twice a year in the period of April and October basis by STIM Lasharan Jaya Makassar Institute, Indonesia. The journal aims to cover topics and issues in various sub-areas of business, social and behavioral sciences in the context of developing economies. The purpose is to highlight the theoretical and practical issues faced by businesses and society in these economies. The journal especially welcomes submissions which cover the topical areas related to sustainable business and society in developing economies.