Analisis Hubungan Sinergis antara Kerjasama Tim dan Efektivitas Kinerja di McDonald Makassar


  • Elena Amendek Sondari STIM Lasharan Jaya


teamwork, job performance, McDonald's


This study aims to analyze the synergistic relationship between teamwork and employee performance effectiveness at McDonald's in Makassar. A quantitative research method was employed, gathering data through a survey using questionnaires distributed to employees of McDonald's Makassar. The sample was selected using purposive sampling technique, comprising 100 respondents from various positional levels. Data analysis was conducted using SPSS statistical software, focusing on hypothesis testing through linear regression analysis.The results revealed a significant relationship between teamwork and the effectiveness of employee performance. The regression coefficients obtained indicate a positive and significant impact of teamwork on employee performance. This suggests that improvements in teamwork aspects within McDonald's work environment contribute significantly to enhancing employee performance effectiveness.This study provides new insights into the importance of teamwork in enhancing employee performance, particularly in the fast-food restaurant sector. Recommendations for McDonald's management include the continuous development and maintenance of effective teamwork practices, to improve employee performance and generally achieve organizational goals